Come Back, Friends: Favorite TV Shows #BoostYourBlog

favorite tv shows


I’m not a HUGE TV Watcher, but when I do watch TV, I tend to get stuck on a series and not let go.  So I do have some favorite TV shows! For example, I will be positively broken-hearted when Grey’s Anatomy goes off the air.  I know lots of people (my boyfriend included) say that it isn’t as good anymore, but I still love it.  Although I was very sad when Eric Dane/Marc Sloan/Dr. McSteamy kicked the bucket.

I never really watched a whole lot of TV as a kid either.  I had never even seen cable TV until I went to college in the fall of 1998.  Yes, I grew up without MTV.  But there were two shows that I would loveeee to come back on.

One was Friends.  I was a die hard Friends watcher.  Favorite episode – the Thanksgiving show where Joey gets his head stuck in the turkey.  Laughed so hard I ALMOST peed my pants.  Almost.

The second show I wish would come back was a relatively short lived little science fictionesque show called Sea Quest.  Anyone remember this one?  It featured a super-cute, super genius Jonathan Brandis living on an underwater vessel that gallivanted around the ocean solving everyone’s problems and disarming nuclear weapons.  Oh, and he had a super cool talking dolphin.  Can you same “dream guy?”  Of course Roy Schneider was the big star on the show as the captain of Sea Quest.  But I didn’t really care about him.  It was all about Jonathan Brandis and the dolphin.  Hey, cut me some slack.  I was like, 12 years old.  My tastes have improved somewhat since then.  But I’m sure my 11 year old daughter would LOVE the show now.

What TV Show do you wish never ended?

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