Happy Haiku Poetry Day!

Happy Haiku Poetry Day

Happy Haiku Poetry Day!  Yup, that’s right, in the world of weird holidays, it’s Haiku Poetry Day.  If you don’t know what haiku poetry is, or how to write a haiku poem, you’re about to learn!

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that has been around for a long time.  The undisputed Haiku master is Basho, a 17th century Samurai warrior who elevated haiku to the art form it is today.

Haiku is a great way to introduce poetry to young children, because it is fairly easy to compose, as it has distinct rules.  It also lets younger children practice their syllables!

Haikus use exactly 17 syllables, arranged in three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then five syllables.  Traditionally, they will refer to nature or the seasons in some way.   For example, here’s my haiku about Winter/Spring in Buffalo, New York.

It should be warmer

Alas! Snow lingers to May

I hate you, Winter.

So of course mine is a bit silly, but you get the idea.  You’ll notice that I have a stop in the second line (Alas!) – this is also pretty traditional in haiku poetry, but it isn’t “mandatory”, like the specific number of syllables per line.

There are so many amazing activities that you can incorporate haiku with, especially as the weather gets warmer and you can head outside.  Scholastic has some great ideas that would be great for both teachers and parents.  My favorite is the “Haiku Goggles” activity – it’s always fun to recycle used toilet paper tubes!  PBS Parents also has a super fun interactive game that lets kiddos drag and drop words to make a haiku.  The is also super fun with the fridge magnet poetry sets.  Make sure to check out the “Make One For Me” feature to get a few giggles with your kiddo.

Will you celebrate

this fun holiday of poems?

Happy Haiku Day!

Hugo the Happy Starfish: The Secret To Happiness {Book Review}


Character education is so important – both at home and in the classroom. As much as I want my daughters to be happy, smart, and successful, I want them also to be excellent citizens. I work with them on being grateful, while trying to balance out my desire to give them the world and make them happy. As a teacher, one of the ways that I helped my students grow, both academically and personally, was through sharing great literature.  Hugo the Happy Starfish books are a great way to teach some pretty great lessons to your children!

This entire character education book series aims to teach children to share and become happy, productive members of their community with a sense of social responsibility.  I had the opportunity to review  Hugo the Happy Starfish:  The Secret To Happiness.   This is an award winning childrens book, and was a finalist in the  CHILDREN’S MIND/ BODY/ SPIRIT category of The USA “Best Books 2012” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.

Hugo is (obviously) a starfish, and one day, he is bored (a VERY common occurrence among the young people in my house).  Finding his life dull, he sets out to find something that makes him happy.  With the help of his sting ray mentor, he tries many different things.  He finds several things (like treasure) that make him feel happy at first, but finds that they only make him feel better for a little while.  Eventually, he discovers that by helping others, he can be a truly happy starfish.
We loved this book!  It was the perfect choice for a bedtime story for my six year old.  She loved Hugo the Happy Starfish, and the bright and engaging colors and pictures!
Hugo the Happy Starfish


If you are looking for a great character education book series, I highly recommend you check out Hugo the Happy Starfish!


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