The Church of Mercy by Pope Francis {Book Review}

This review of The Church of Mercy is graciously sponsored by Loyola Press, who provided me with a review copy of the book.  All opinions are my own.

Happy Easter weekend!  I hope that whatever your religious views, that you enjoy this weekend with your family. I’m so pleased to be able to present this review of The Church of Mercy, the first published collection of Pope Francis’ writings from his first year as Pope.  Whatever your religion, or even if you don’t practice a particular religion, there is no denying that Pope Francis is a important and captivating world leader.

The Church of Mercy is arranged into 10 different thematic sections with anywhere to two to five different reading selections in each themes.  My favorite thematic sections included “A Poor Church for the Poor” and “Demolishing the Idols.”  I really like this thematic arrangement, as this is a book I think I will be digesting in small pieces over time, as opposed to sitting down and reading this book cover to cover one time.

My favorite selection so far from The Church of Mercy is #30, which is titled “The Cult of the God of Money.”  It is a short piece discussing the “culture of waste” in which we have become obsessive consumers, so that if a computer breaks, it is a tragedy, but the fact that there are starving children in the world becomes commonplace.  It is this type of message, along with Pope Francis’ expressed concern for suffering people, that I think makes Pope Francis so admirable.

I really enjoyed the pieces I have read so far, even though I am not Catholic. I admire Pope Francis for the strides he has made to make the church more inclusive, and his engaging and open personality comes through in this book.  I highly recommend to all – Catholic and non-Catholic!  The release date is set for tomorrow, April 19, 2014, so pick this up at your local bookstore on Easter!


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