Beautiful Air By Design with Renuzit

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Oliver and Sunny are two indispensable members of our house – they are also two of the smelliest! When we are looking for something to use as an odor neutralizer, we try to find products that are long-lasting air fresheners and aren’t overpowering by themselves. Renuzit Pearl Scents® is an attractive and effective product that meets the demands of our home.

Our family has an active calendar, so between horse shows, chorus concerts, and family trips to the park or cross-country training, there isn’t always time to make sure that the dogs both get hosed off weekly, or that all of the horse blankets get washed the day we get back from a show (we do make sure that the kids get showered regularly). To keep our home smelling fresh and clean, we have tried so many air fresheners that only covered the odor, or scent eliminators that didn’t outlast the stink. Renuzit Pearl Scents® accomplishes long-lasting odor neutralization and very pleasing aromas that create ‘beautiful air by design’.


Renuzit Pearl Scents is strong enough to stand up to the aromas of our two dogs and our two kids (the runner’s up for smelliest) by neutralizing odor, not just masking the smell. With 5 distinctive colors and scents consisting of Blue Sky Breeze, Serenity in purple, Sparkling Rain in green, Tranquil in a darker blue, and Seductive Pineapple in gold, there is a Renuzit Pearl Scent® to match every room and a scent to neutralize every odor the kids and dogs can generate!

Three lucky Mama Games readers have the opportunity to try out the Renuzit Pearl Scents® themselves by entering this giveaway! Three winners will each receive a coupon redeemable for a free Renuzit Pearl Scents® aroma of their choice. Which room in your home could use some ‘beautiful air by design’?

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