Slow and Steady Month 3 #shaklee180 Update

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Shaklee 180

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Can I be real for a minute?  Weight loss sucks.

It’s hard.

The Shaklee 180 program is one of the easiest diet programs I have ever been on, and I still have moments when I screw it up.  I have food I know I shouldn’t eat, and then I feel guilty, and then I want more food to make it better…it can be a vicious cycle.

There has been exciting news this month, though – my wonderful boyfriend got a job working at the same place that I do. It’s pretty awesome to see him a little bit during the day, even though I am super busy and so is he.

However, it’s thrown my Shaklee 180 program into a bit of a tailspin, because I have been going out to lunch instead of eating my bars every day.  It hasn’t been EVERY day, but enough to make a difference.  And I’m so hungry at the end of the day that I want a full meal.  So I haven’t been as great as I should be.

The good part about the last few weeks?  The level of exercise!  It is nice and warm here in Western NY and horse show season has started (make sure to check out my earlier video post about using Shaklee 180 when traveling).  That means lots of working, walking, lifting saddles and riding.

But honestly, even though I have still lost a little weight and inches (2.5 pounds and 2 inches), I feel like I am letting myself down.

I know I can do better, and I know I can work harder.  While I feel healthier, I want to feel thinner.

I want the cute clothes.  I want more of the success of some of the awesome ladies on this journey with me – some have lost 30 pounds.  They are seriously inspiring!

So here’s to another month of taking it step by step and bite by bite!  The Shaklee 180 program has not let me down, and I will keep working!  Stick with me on this journey!

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  1. Thanks for being so honest! I can say that when I worked in an office it was hard to not go to lunch with everyone and we’ll when I was working in an office building I also gained a TON of weight. Now I see the connection!! I can’t imagine having my husband at my work so I sympathize with you. I hope this month is easier for you.

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