Funky Yellow Bus {Children’s Book Review}

Thank you to the author for providing a review copy of Funky Yellow Bus!

Funky Yellow Bus

    Do you have a preschooler who is starting Kindergarten in the fall?  Or a youngster that has nervous first moments in new and strange situations?  If so, I recently had the opportunity to review a great new children’s book to help them through those moments.  Funky Yellow Bus, written by Robin B. Rosenberg and illustrated with some really funky, awesome art by Bernie Freytag, is a great way to start introducing the school bus for new Kindergartners.

Funky Yellow Bus


The book starts with a quote from my FAVORITE Bob Marley song – “Don’t worry ’bout a thing, ’cause every little thing gonna be alright”.  I still sing this song to myself when things get stressful at work and my girls love it too.The Funky Yellow Bus tells the story of Brookie Cookie, the main character, who is a little bit nervous about riding the big yellow bus to Kindergarten. She makes it through the first day, and the second day, she sits with a friend she knew from nursery school, even though she is still nervous about that Funky Yellow Bus.  She gets even MORE nervous when she and her friend are approached by a “big kid”.  But in the end, it turns out that he is a friend too, and the bus rocks all the way to school!

This would be a great book for ages 4-6 or any child who struggles with new situations.  This should definitely be on your “must buy” list for your new Kindergarten student.  I love the rhyming action which will give it a lot of appeal for your youngster.   The art is also very colorful and engaging, and there is a song that you can sing with your preschooler as well at the end.  This book will be a definite hit with your new student!


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