Traveling with Dogs + $350 Visa Gift Card Giveaway from Subaru #DogTested {Giveaway}




Do you travel with your dogs?  We definitely travel with Sunny in car trips – we haven’t worked up to flying yet.  She’s a still a little nervous in new places even though we adopted her from the rescue over a year ago – I’m pretty sure a trip in the baggage compartment of a plane would make her a nervous wreck.   But car trips are perfect for her, and when we purchase our next car, we will take a look at a Subaru, like the dogs in this video  did…check it out, it’s pretty funny!

Sunny is definitely a pro in the car at this point, but here are a few tips that we follow to make sure that her trips are successful.

*  Take your dog to places besides the vet, the groomer’s or boarding kennel.  We take Sunny all kinds of places, whether it be on a longer trip, or just a trip out to the barn, horse shows, etc.  But we never have to fight her to get in the car because most places we go are pretty fun!

*  Bring your dog’s crate on long trips.  This is a life saver for hotels, and dogs are safer if they are crated or harnessed while driving.  Buckle up!

*   Stop for breaks.  But be careful about feeding your dog before you leave until you know if they get motion sickness.  You don’t want to be cleaning THAT up.

And don’t forget your dog’s driver’s license!  If your dog doesn’t have a driver’s license, make sure you visit Subaru’s Facebook App and create your own!  Here’s Sunny’s!


Sunny Driver's License


Make sure that when you are using Subaru’s Facebook App that you use a fake address.!  While Sunny is a New Yorker, we don’t live in Woofersville, although that sounds like a pretty cool place!  Plus, you don’t want all of your dogs party animal friends to get your address of Facebook and show up at your house!

While you’re there, make sure you check out their other cool features such as Ask an Expert (Subaru live experts will answer your burning questions), Put Your Dog in a Subaru, and a Dog Matchmaker.  And of course, the Dog Driver’s License Creator!

The wonderful dog lovers over at Subaru are also sponsoring an AWESOME giveaway!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $350 Visa Gift card OR a $150 Visa Gift Card!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but The Mama Games and Sunny the Dog only shares news for things we support..  The Mama Games is not responsible for prize shipment.  


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  1. Kelley Johnsen says:

    We always take our little girl on trips with us. I have to admit the hair bothers me, but its all worth it for her to be happy and safe!

  2. Our bulldog LOVES car trips. He sits in the back and loves em. I’ll have to make him a drivers license now!

  3. Our dogs go camping with us and on short trips to town. If we had a ramp our big lab/newfoundland would go more often because he loves to go for rides but getting in and out has become an issue for him. They are definitely part of our family and there is no way that they would ride way in the back. lol I love the Dog Driver’s License and the Put Your Dog in a Subaru. Now to go to the desk top and get a better picture of our doggies. lol

  4. Ha ha ha! How funny is that dog’s driver’s licence! Then if your pooch is pulled over for speeding, she has all her necessary papers in order!


  5. Our dog loves the car, but unfortunately we don’t take him a lot of places because he can sometimes be a naughty little boy when you’re not paying attention. LOL Although on long car trips, he’s a perfect little angel…in his kennel ^.^

    Your dogs is SUPER adorable!

  6. Haha I love it! Sal loves the car she seems to think she should be able to drive though – she’s not crate trained but shes a very good girl pop her harness on and she just sits looking out the window next to her or sleeps.

  7. made one of my dog their own drivers license. she thinks she can take my car out now LoL

  8. We take our dogs everywhere they are allowed to go. They will be going on our next vacation, they might be small, but we have back pack carriers for them for the hiking we love to do if they get tired.

  9. we love to take out dogs with us everywhere. Great tips!

  10. My basset hound doesn’t travel well…

  11. I have never travels with my pooches. They always stay with their grandparents. lol

  12. We’ve never actually taken our doggie on a trip with us. We thought about back in October when we flew to Florida for a week but decided against it. We wanted the freedom to stay gone away from the vacation home as long as we liked or needed without having to rush back to let the dog out for potty breaks.

  13. We don’t have a puppy anymore, but this is so cute!! Love the drivers licence and I must agree with you!! You don’t want all your pup’s buds to come over to play poker, right?! HEhehe


  15. I entered! I would love to have a Subaru! I rented one once and loved it!

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