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Our dog, Sunny, lives up to her name.  She is happy and bubbly and funny and she is undeniably a part of our family.  She sleeps on our bed (she is a terrible pillow and blanket hog), and takes up her own couch cushion.  She is a playmate for my kids, a great snuggle companion for my boyfriend and I, and a champion nap buddy.  She travels with us all the time as well – sometimes it is short trips, like to the barn to play with her puppy buddies while my daughter rides her horse, and other times, on long hauls.  She will be driving with us tonight on our way to a weekend horse show.  It’s kind of like having another kid.  A much, much hairier kid.

Subaru knows all about traveling with kids, and dogs!  While Sunny probably wishes we traveled with a tailgate full of meat, we are more concerned with safely packing the girls and Sunny into the car with all of our luggage!   Sunny tends to ride in the back seat with the girls.  Sometimes, she will ride in the crate, but this tends to stress her out quite a bit, and gives her an upset stomach, which makes the ride, well, stinky.  Subaru knows all about how dogs travel with us.


Check out this ADORABLE video of Grant Weber, Subaru’s Canine Sales Associate buckling up an adorable puppy into a Subaru!




Subaru definitely gets that dogs are a HUGE part of family life, and that is something I definitely appreciate.  If you haven’t had a chance, head over the Facebook and check out the Subaru Facebook App!  It has tons of interactive pieces – including a feature where you can make your dog their own driver’s license.  I think Sunny will be getting one VERY soon!

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but The Mama Games and Sunny the Dog only shares news for things we support.


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  1. we were looking into a new car for our growing family and i think we will look into the Subaru!

  2. We love Subaru here in Washington state. Such great vehicles. Thanks for sharing that adorable video!

  3. So cute! No dogs here, just 2 cats. :)

  4. cute video. We have a super cute golden and a cat. Love this.

  5. Our dogs are like our children, if we can take them with us we will… Great post!

  6. My dog is definitely like another kid. He even sleeps in like a teenager! Great car! We bought a used Kia Sedona and I’m happy with it but not at all happy with the place we bought it from :( I’d love to check out Subaru next time.

  7. Savannah Miller says:

    I drive a Subaru! They are great cars :)

  8. Our family dog was definitely the third child in our family, when I was growing up. I can’t have cats and dogs due to allergies, now, but we have a Subaru, and we’ll be getting a 2nd one soon. My husband won’t drive anything else, and trusts their safety standars above all other cars.

  9. No animals here but my friends love there Subaru for kids~

  10. Such a cute video!!

  11. I miss having a dog, and a car! Can I have yours?!

  12. Oh they really do think of everything! A dog with a driver’s license! How fun! lol. We’ve often talked about wanting a subaru. This just makes it even more fun!

  13. It’s awesome that Subaru considers the safety of our 4 legged family members! Time to go test drive one

  14. I love that commercial. It’s so cute! My dogs always get to help choose our cars!


  15. My grandmother-in-law has always been a Subaru person! And no doggies here, not even cats :(

  16. Super cute video! I love when auto makers think about the entire family!

    • Me too! We travel as often with our dog as we do with our kids for the most part, so it’s very cool that Subaru considers the whole family!

  17. I love Subarus!! Great cars for a growing family!!

  18. My dogs go everywhere, but if they are not in their seat buckled in, they are a danger to the rest of us. I learned the hard way with one sitting on the top of the back seat and I could not pull over quick enough to get her and she slid down my babies face. They are our family and we do take them everywhere we are able to. Can not wait to make them their drivers licenses!

  19. I used to own a Subaru and LOVED it!!

  20. My sister have a Subaru and it’s a great car, she has 3 kids and two dogs and she loves her car

  21. We’re going car shopping this wknd. Not my favorite thing to do but hubby’s excited.

  22. Such a cute ad! It sounds like Sunny is a great companion. We’ve had our dog for 2 years this month and i don’t know how we ever lived without her!

  23. Our dogs are our children also or at least they think they are. Isn’t it amazing how they grow on us. lol

  24. Ha! Cute video! We don’t have dogs anymore… but will again someday. We are thinking we are in need of a new vehicle though… never thought of Subaru.

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