Canvas HQ Artwork {Product Review}

* Disclaimer:  I received free product from Canvas HQ in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

I have been a professional photographer for some time, although I am definitely phasing out of the business.  But it is safe to say that I am well aware of MANY different photo product companies, but I was super excited to try out a new one, Canvas HQ, which unlike other photo product providers, specializes in turning your photos into gorgeous canvas artwork.


Canvas HQ is super easy to use.  You just start by uploading the picture you want to create art with – you can even upload from Facebook with the click of the button.  Then, you begin the fun process of customizing your art.  There are SO many options that Canvas HQ gives you to choose from. You can choose your finish: glossy, semi-gloss, or matte finish.  The other unique feature I love about Canvas HQ is that you can chose from a variety of frame depths from  .75″ to 2.5″.  The thinner canvas prints can even be framed!

I wanted to try uploading a picture from Facebook, since I knew those would be the lowest quality of pictures I had, in order to try our Canvas HQ’s chops.  I uploaded a pretty picture of a sea turtle that I captured in Hawaii.  Ordering was an absolute breeze – I customized my print, and I received a proof to check before approving the order.




I was SO impressed with Canvas HQ.  The canvas is thick and durable, and the colors and bright and vibrant, even though I uploaded my picture from Facebook! Canvas HQ also uses lifelong UV- and water-resistant inks so I know that my family will be enjoying this canvas for years to come.  If you are looking to decorate your home with some more artwork, I highly recommend Canvas HQ!

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Treat Yourself – Classic Treats at Home {Book Review}

*Disclaimer:  I received Treat Yourself from Blogging for Books for this review.  All opinions are my own.



About Treat Yourself

If you grew up on corner-store treats, memory lane is paved with Ho Hos, Yodels, Oreos, and Ring Dings. And while your taste buds may have grown up a bit, chances are you still crave these classic flavors. Now you can re-create the lunch-box delights that made you the envy of other kids, with all-natural homemade versions.

After much obsessing and experimentation, Jennifer Steinhauer has cracked the code for 70 iconic treats to re-create in your own kitchen. There are cookies with a perfect crunchy base for cream filling, snack cakes with frosting so thick you can peel it off all at once, candies dipped in chocolate and dusted with sugar, and ice cream pops so juicy that they drip down your arm. A self-taught baker, Jennifer had no interest in complicated techniques or chemical gunk, just easy hacks that break down and remaster these throwback snacks.

So go ahead—treat yourself to your own homemade version of these favorites:
• Samoas, Pecan Sandies, Chips Ahoy!, and other classic cookies
• Nutter Butters, Mint Milanos, Oatmeal Creme Pies, and other sweet sandwich cookies
• Twinkies, Drake’s Coffee Cakes, Devil Dogs, and other snack cakes
• Fig Newtons, Lemon Mini-Pies, Strawberry Pop-Tarts, and other fruity, filled treats
• Soft Pretzels, Pizza Pockets, Funyuns, and other salty, savory snacks
• Cracker Jacks, Goo Goo Clusters, Candy Dots, and other candy favorites
• Orange Creamsicles, Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Pops, Nutty Buddies, and other frozen treats

My Review

So, as I have confessed on many occasions, I am a competent cook but not a great baker.  I needs lots and lots of practice, and this super fun book will give me lots of it! When I got this book, I thought it would be mainly baked goods, but there are tons of fun treats, including frozen treats, snacks (pizza pockets!) and candy!  The pictures are super engaging and Jennifer has really created treats that look like your classic favorites.

I have a recipe for cupcakes that are similar to the Drake’s Coffee Cakes recipe, so I thought I would give those a try.  The directions were super easy to follow and there was no technique that I really struggled with.  The end result cakes were good, although they were much heavier than I expected them to be – they almost had a shortbread consistency to them rather than an actual coffee cake, but they were certainly tasty!  I’m not sure if the consistency was correct, or if I messed up somehow, but either way they were YUMMY!

I highly recommend this book for the snack lover and baker in your life!  They will enjoy making so many classic treats at home!

Buy Treat Yourself

Buy on Amazon for $12.64!

 I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

HSI Professional Argan Oil {Product Review}

* Disclaimer: I received a free product sample of HSI Professional Argan Oil in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Discover the Moroccan ‘liquid gold’, the product your hair needs for constant nourishment and incredible shine! The essential nutrients contained in this magic-in-a-bottle product are meant to give your hair a very healthy look, lots of shine and velvet smoothness. This is a leave-in treatment conditioner which feels really light on your hair, without building up residue or being greasy.

HSI Professional recommends the use of Argan Oil as an extra thermal protection before styling your hair with tools such as the flat iron, the hair dryer or the curling iron. It is suitable for all hair types, and you will just be sorry you have not discovered it before! It tames the frizz, it gives a lovely scent to your hair and it makes it soft and shiny. It really seems like your hair is in for a fabulous treat!

I use HSI Professional Argan Oil after I shower – I put about a dime size blog on my hands, and then rub my hands vigorously together, and work the oil into the ends of my hair first, and then up towards the root.  I find that any more than this and it is too greasy for my hair (but I don’t have super dry hair either).  This makes my hair super shiny, and it dramatically decreases drying time – I would say by half!

HSI Professional Argan Oil has been generous enough to give Mama Games readers a discount if you would like to try this amazing product yourself!   Use coupon code TBargan4 for a whopping 60 PERCENT off the 4 oz bottle!  If you prefer a smaller bottle, use TBargan2 to get 50 PERCENT off the 2 oz bottle!  If you haven’t tried argan oil before, this is a great opportunity to try an awesome product at a serious discount!

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My Food Storage Emergency Food Storage {Product Review}

* Disclaimer:  I received a free pouch of My Food Storage in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


Do you ever worry about what would happen if disaster struck?  I know I do – in addition to a whole host of natural disasters, sometimes (usually after I watch a zombie movie), I wonder what my family would do in case of a situation where we needed to fend for ourselves for sometime without access to food.  At the same time, we don’t have an endless space to store canned food, which really isn’t that good for very long.  That’s where My Food Storage comes in!

My Food Storage is dedicated to preparing people for when disaster strikes.  Whether it be earthquake, hurricane, flood or tornado, depending on severity, it can be days or even weeks before outside relief is provided.  My Food Storage provides a piece of mind to it’s customers.  They provide dehydrated meals that are easy to make, just add water and you have a meal that provides the most calories per serving in the industry, so you can be focused on saving yourself and your family.  The meals are individually packaged, with a 25 year shelf life and stored in easy to transport and stackable buckets, so they have a minimal footprint in your home and can be easily transported when you need to move fast.

I received a package of Chicken Ala King to try out.  First of all, it is super easy to cook – all you need is boiling water.  It also makes quite a large number of portions for such a small, easy to store pouch.  The taste is pretty good for survival food – a bit chewy but pretty tasty.  My primary criticism of these meals is that they have little to no choices for people with a dairy allergy – almost every meal has milk, butter, or cheese in it.  This just wouldn’t work for my family – or else my youngest would be stuck eating oatmeal three times a day.

I would definitely recommend this for families looking to prepare for emergencies, although I will definitely seek out dairy free alternatives!

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UNi 100% Organic Pure Moroccan Argan Oil {Product Review}

* Disclaimer: I received a free sample of Uni Argan Oil in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


Have you tried Argan oil yet?  If you haven’t you definitely need to try adding it to your beauty regimen, and I highly recommend trying UNi 100%  Organic Moroccan Argan Oil.

Argan oil is a light scented oil that is AMAZINGLY good for your hair and skin. It helps protect, hydrate, and restore luster and elasticity to your hair.  It is also amazing for your skin – this is great for dry winter skin, but it’s non-greasy if you use the correct amount, so it’s great any time of the year.

UNi Argan Oil s 100% pure organic made from Moroccan Argan Trees. This naturally light scented oil helps protect, hydrate, and restore elasticity to all hair types. Large concentration of fatty acids and antioxidants help restore the appearance of dull skin, hair, body, scalp and hands. It also reduces frizz in your hair and is good for your cuticles and nails.  

I used UNi Argan Oil on both my skin and hair.  It makes your skin so, so soft, and it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin at all.  For my hair, I use it after my shower before I dry my hair.  I put three or four drops into my hand and rub them together.  Starting at the ends, I work the oil into my hair, and comb through and then dry.  Not only did it help my hair look awesome, it cut down drying time as well!

You can by UNi Argan Oil on Amazon!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Grazia Silicone 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan {Product Review}

*Disclaimer:  I received a free Grazia Silicone 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

While I love to cook, I’m not the greatest baker, but I’m learning!  So I was super excited to try out the Grazia Silicone 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan!   I have never baked with silicone before, so I was surprised to find that the entire muffin pan was sort of floppy!  Grazia Silicone 24 Cup MINI Muffin Pan is a non-stick food grade silicone muffin cupcake baking pan that is extremely easy to clean, safe to use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, or freezer. It is heat resistant for up to 450°F.

I was being super lazy the day I reviewed the Mini Muffin Pan, so I just whipped up a quick boxed cupcake mix to make little mini cupcakes. Per the instructions, I put the Mini Muffin Pan inside a harder baking tray to give it some stability.  It would have been too hard to get in the oven otherwise, but there was no problem picking it up gingerly and setting it into the tray.



I popped the cupcakes into the oven and baked for the recommended time on the box.  So far, the experience had been pretty much like using a regular muffin tin.  But once the cupcakes baked, the difference really sunk in!  The cupcakes cooled SUPER fast.  They were out of the oven maybe 5 minutes and I was able to remove them from the muffin tin and put them on a cooling rack.  This allowed the cupcakes to cool within minutes, so I was able to frost them quickly!  Clean up was also a breeze – I just rinsed it off and threw it in the top rack of the dishwasher and it came out crystal clean!


I’m a huge fan of the Grazia Silicone 24 Cup Mini Muffin Pan!  You can pick it up on Amazon for only $13.89!
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My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz {Book Review}

*Disclaimer:  I received My Paris Kitchen from Blogging for Books for this review.  All opinions are my own.


About My Paris Kitchen

A collection of stories and 100 sweet and savory French-inspired recipes from popular food blogger David Lebovitz, reflecting the way Parisians eat today and featuring lush photography taken around Paris and in David’s Parisian kitchen.

It’s been ten years since David Lebovitz packed up his most treasured cookbooks, a well-worn cast-iron skillet, and his laptop and moved to Paris. In that time, the culinary culture of France has shifted as a new generation of chefs and home cooks—most notably in Paris—incorporates ingredients and techniques from around the world into traditional French dishes.

In My Paris Kitchen, David remasters the classics, introduces lesser-known fare, and presents 100 sweet and savory recipes that reflect the way modern Parisians eat today. You’ll find Soupe à l’oignon, Cassoulet, Coq au vin, and Croque-monsieur, as well as Smoky barbecue-style pork, Lamb shank tagine, Dukkah-roasted cauliflower, Salt cod fritters with tartar sauce, and Wheat berry salad with radicchio, root vegetables, and pomegranate. And of course, there’s dessert: Warm chocolate cake with salted butter caramel sauce, Duck fat cookies, Bay leaf poundcake with orange glaze, French cheesecake…and the list goes on. David also shares stories told with his trademark wit and humor, and lush photography taken on location around Paris and in David’s kitchen reveals the quirks, trials, beauty, and joys of life in the culinary capital of the world.

My Review

I have never been to Paris, but I lust after it like a 16 year old girl..well, nevermind.  I want to go to movies set in Paris, and I LOVE French food.  So I was super excited to review this cookbook.

First of all, I didn’t even have to open the cookbook to know that I was going to love it.  The hardback book is slick, smooth, and heavy – in a word, it is beautiful.  The paper is thick and luxiourious, and frankly, the book smells amazing.  Book lovers will know that how a book smells is important, and this book is gorgeous and classy.  It would make a perfect gift for the chef in your life.

This book is everything you could hope for in a French cookbook – filled with charming anecdotes and gorgeous photography.  And we haven’t even touched the recipes.  Oh, the recipes.  You are going to find a little bit of everything yummy in this book.  You will find classics like French Onion Soup and Croque Monsieur.  I also found recipes that would be easy to use or adapt for every day cooking and things I have in my fridge, such as Poulet A’ La Moutarde (Chicken with Mustard).  There are so, so many recipes that I am dying to try.

And then there is dessert.  I’m just going to leave this here:  Salted butter caramel-chocolate mousse.  Yeah.  If that doesn’t get you going, you might not be  human.  There are a host of yummy French treats like Almond Cakes with Brown Butter and a whole bevy of tarts – you are sure to find something for your sweet tooth.

I can’t go on enough about how beautiful this book is – this is a serious contender for a Christmas present for your favorite chef!

Bo-Po Brush On Peel Off Nail Polish Review {Product Review}

* Disclaimer:  I received a free sample of Bo-Po Nail Polish in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.


My girls LOVE painting their nails, and I love letting them…however, there is a lot about painting their nails that I DON’T like.  First of all, they are extremely hard on their nails after they are polished.  After about a day, they are usually chipped, cracked, peeling, etc, because they are kids, and like all kids, they love to play outside and get grubby!  Once that happens, I hate to have them running around with chipped polish- gross!  And I also hate using toxic chemicals to remove this polish.

Works Toys has created a great solution to this problem!


Bo-Po (Brush On Peel Off) nail polish is exactly what it says – you brush it on, and peel it off – NO messy smelly nail polish remover to get this polish off.  I tried this out with my youngest daughter.  I loved that it only took one coat of polish to look cute, because she isn’t super patient!  Also good for the younger set is that this polish dries fairly quickly, so there is no boredom waiting for it to dry or the chances of getting not-quite-dry polish all over the place.  And even if you do, it just peels right off of the surface!

The other thing I love is that the nail polish itself isn’t super smelly, and the colors are bright and vibrant, and with 10 colors, there is sure to be one that appeals to your kiddos.

Bo-Po Peel Off Nail Polish is sold on Amazon, Nordstrom, Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath & Beyond, Learnign Express Toy Store, Bealls Florida Department Stores and The Johnson Smith Company!

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InstaNatural Argan Oil for Hair Treatment & Elixer Serum {Product Review}

* Disclaimer:  I received a free sample of InstaNatural Argan Oil for Hair Treatment & Elixir Serum in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Do you have dry or damaged hair?  My hair is usually in pretty good condition, but it does tend to get dried and frizzy in the winter, or because of heat styling like drying and flat ironing.  I recently had the opportunity to review Instanatural Argan Oil for Hair Treatment.

This is not pure Argan oil, so if you have tried that and found it too greasy, this may be an option for you.  This Organic oil treatment contains a rich blend of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, & Grapeseed Oil.  It can help to reduce damage and dryness on hair and scalp, removes frizz, and adds instant shine and softness.

You can use this as a leave in conditioner, overnight hair treatment, or heat protectant.  I love to use this product after I shower – I put about a dime size dollop into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and work throughout my hair before I blow dry.  I found a couple of things – first of all, it shortens the time my hair takes to dry by about half.  It also seriously reduces the frizz my hair tends to get when i blow dry it.  It does all this without leaving your hair greasy or heavy.  It makes my hair super shiny and soft, and I can barely help running my fingers through it.  Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Instanatural Argan Oil Hair Treatment is available on Amazon!

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Adovia Mineral Eye Gel {Product Review}

* Disclaimer: I received Adovia Eye Cream for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.



If you’ve paid attention at all, you’ve noticed that I’ve fallen in love with with Adovia’s line of skin and body care line with Dead Sea Minerals.  I recently had a chance to review Adovia’s Eye Cream, which is used for reducing eye puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines.  I don’t really have  fine lines or wrinkles quite yet around my eyes, but I do have dark circles and tend to be somewhat puffy after a poor night’s sleep.

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel makes big promises, claiming that your eyes will look 10 years younger or your money back!  Adovia’s Mineral Eye gel contains Vitamin C, which delivers antioxidants deep into skin cells, as well as dead sea salt, which contains dead sea minerals that are great for your skin


First of all, a little of Adovia’s Mineral Eye gel goes a LONG way, which helps to offset some of the cost.  As with all Adovia products, the Mineral Eye Gel is package nicely and is really a beautiful product that you wouldn’t mind sitting out on your sink.  This eye gel is a little pricier than others I have used, but it shows almost immediate results.  Puffiness is reduced and my dark circles looked lighter after just a few uses.  The gel soaks in fairly quickly, unless you use too much.  It is creamy, not greasy. The gel also didn’t bother my extremely sensitive skin, which many eye creams do, but for some reason it did make my eye itself burn a little while it was soaking in.  It didn’t last long and wasn’t horrible, but definitely different.

This is definitely another winner in the Adovia skin care line!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.